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continuous improvement through awareness


The process of triforming; to triform: three parts unified. The swim, the bike, the run. Activity, nutrition, rest. Mind, body, spirit. Designed by triathletes for triathletes and active individuals who are seeking an optimally healthy lifestyle.

Optimal vs. Damaging

Regarding physical health and performance, everything we do in life moves us somewhere closer to optimal or damaging, everything! Ironically, much of what we believe is beneficial is actually damaging.

The Difference

Unlike most personal training/coaching services, our goal is to go beyond schedules and flow charts. Our goal is to educate attentiveness, decision making, and action to promote optimal performance in training and racing, and most importantly a healthy lifestyle.

As professionals in human performance, nutrition, physical therapy and education we aim to engage individuals in the process of movement toward optimal and away from damaging.

Where do we begin?

Baseline assessment of fundamental functional movement and nutrition to establish a corrective exercise prescription and meal plan. This forms the foundation which ensures, best as possible, training is moving toward optimal and away from damaging.

What next?

A few options are available:

  • Therapeutic training (TT- supervised corrective exercise)
  • Sport specific technique evaluation with recommendations only
  • Sport specific technique evaluation with recommendations and personal instruction (SST/PI)
  • Sport specific training (SST)
  • Core Based Strength (CBS) training
  • Posture for Performance (P4P) training

What else?

We can provide race periodization, race fuel, and seasonal plans. We can advise on equipment selection and fit. Heck, we might even be able to cook your meals.